23 July 2007

Baby Update


This is the first ultrasound that I got. My OB gives me pictures every time I go. So we get to see the progression.

The second visit, John was with me. When he saw the heartbeat for the first time, his face totally lit up. I will never forget it.

Now we're getting into the third phase of pictures.

I hope you guys can tell what you are looking at. :) This is the "blessing's" back. The last time I went to the doctor, my mom and my Aunt were here, so I was able to send a picture home with them to show Grandpa, Grandma and Dad.

There is so much to say about pregnancy, choices you have to make, starting with "What room will the nursery be in?", "Am I going to find out the sex?" (the answer for me is a resounding 'yes'), "What name should we name him/her?".

When you are in the situation that we are in, living in a foreign country to both of us, you ask yourself "Where should I deliver?", "What is the procedure?", "Am I going to be able to communicate my desires?" or more simply, "Do I really have to spend 80 Euros for a monitor when, in the States, I can get one for $20?"

It's exciting for sure, but I've found myself thinking a lot about what kind of mother I'm going to be. Last week I got the inclination to make whole wheat bread with everything in it including cashews, minus the mayo, a task I was determined to do weekly for the rest of our child rearing lives. I have this desire to be "Super Health Mom!!!!" Pro- cloth diapers, Anti-Sugar for a year, Pro-Mid Wife, Anti-Epidural. I found myself munching on a carrot for a snack while making a quilt that I was considering doing by hand.....the list goes on and on.

Does every mom go through this? How can I describe the looks that John has been giving me? It's like this...."What did you do to my wife?" I, much to his relief, came crashing down a little bit today. I felt pretty yucky this morning and slept until 11. I'm consoling myself right now with M&Ms and the rest of a Cola (something that I've dropped from my regular diet, hopefully forever).

So, I know this is a broad question, and if you wanted to give me an easy answer you'd just refer me to Proverbs 31, but what makes a good mom???


partyofsix said...

oh sara, you are so funny! i am so glad to hear you had an m&m binge. yikes... you need to live a little. i do think that diet is important, especially in young children, but cloth diapers? (that is one i never could understand) - what makes a good mom? yes, a godly mom who consistently demonstrates God's love by putting her child's spiritual needs above her own feelings. consistency in loving, disciplining, and teaching your child and building up your husband as well... (you know, like you said, basically prov 31). i am sure you will be a wonderful mom. - i love you sara, and i am so happy for you!

Nica said...

Well, I THINK we all go through that. :)

I'm still in that boat, though some things have changed (I didn't do cloth... ahem, but I probably would if they were cheaper than disposable.) I'm learning that parenting is about the relationship: between parent and child, but also in shepherding our child toward a relationship with Christ. While the physical being is important, the spiritual one is much more so. I am not a good mom when I'm not exemplifying Christ to my children, more so than if I fed them sugar all day.

Hugs to you, I'm so excited for you guys! :)

WILD GHESE said...

It all depends on what your situation is. Veronica, I appreciated how your family made the bread that your family ate, growing up, I think that it was healthly was only one of the reasons for doing it.
There were a lot of things that made your house a home. Yeah, Mike and Sue Pellascio!!!
Cloth diapers are cheaper here because everyone is soooooo "green". There is no real place to throw them. John and I are thinking of doing half and half.

Janelle, the Proverbs 31 answers are always the right ones.

I'm finding that it's not so much that you have family devotions everyday at 6:00 a.m. (though they are necessary I think), it's that you consistently exalt Christ in everyday life. That's the hard part.

D and S said...

Hey, I did cloth diapers and in the long run over here if you can get them second-hand (don't gross out!) and are planning on more than one child, it's worth it! If I wouldn't have had 2 at once, I would have continued cloth diapering. It's not that big of a deal with one and if you have your own washing machine. I try to be healthy with my kids in the food choices I make, because I know it will help them and it's always good to be healthy. We do have treats every once in awhile, but that's how we like to keep real sugary things. As simply, treats. Logan even says sometimes, that's not good to eat because it has too much sugar. It's pretty cute. And the other times I am glad I've made a healthy eating choice is when Logan occassionally eats something real sugary and complains that it's giving him a headache! It's never bad to try hard to be a really great parent, healthy and green. You just have to find a balance and decide what's really important, is it worth the time and effort, etc. I used to make all my own bread and now I simply don't have the time w/ 3 little ones and another on the way! I've found a great bread discount store that I can get really healthy bread for a good price. Wow, that was a book.....ttyl

Genns said...

Oh Sara you are going to make a wonderful mom! I think a lot of it is about balance. Obviously demonstrating Christ to your child is the most important, but when it comes to baking bread and cloth diapers you just have to figure out what's right for you. I don't think you'll be a bad mom if you don't do those things, but if it's important to you - do it. Or if you are spending all of your time doing those things and not spending time with your kids, then it probably isn't the best for you. Don't worry - wash down your prenatal vitamins with some coke once in awhile and don't stress.

~Kimberly~ said...

I am a friend of the Dawsons,and I was looking at there Blog,and saw yall!!
Hope that you don't mind me for commenting.
Congratulations on the baby to be.
Looks as if it could be a girl to me...LOL

deb paul said...

What does it take to be a good Mom?
I'm on my fifth kid and I think I get dumber in this department every time I have another. There is no formula for being a good Mom except for what we might be able to find in scripture. You really don't know what kind of Mom you are going to be until you finally have this baby and "feel" your way through the process. Give yourself plenty of room to mess up. Any way, I know you are going to be a great Mom even if you don't become a wheat eating, non-cola drinking, quilt making Momma!

Deb (Ashmore) Paul
Hey...I guess we are due around the same time. My due date is Jan. 5th, what's yours?

Christie said...

Hi Sara,
You know, I think the best moms are the "real" ones. I am inspired to be a good example to my kids...esp. the little ones but, it is really neat to be able to share my struggles (appropriately) with my older ones. It's good to have heart to hearts when they are struggling and they can see that mom and dad have their issues too at times. That's when we can turn them, and ourselves back to Jesus and be reminded of our NEED for our Savior!
Love ya,

Scotty and Lisa said...

I appreciated this blog and hearing about the new things you are beginning to think of as you become a mom- I'm right with you. Although, as much as I'm usually a mostly healthy eater- I've only been craving the bad stuff! I'd love the recipe for the cashew bread. Although I can't say what makes a great mom, since I've never been one, God is teaching me much about the sanctification process in my own life, and how deeply my actions and responses will affect those of my child. How much we will rely on His grace and work in the hearts of our children!

Scotty and Lisa said...