09 June 2007

First Week With Ben

...and we're all still alive!

For those that don't know, my brother is here for the whole summer (the whole summer part is theory to be put in action) to take German and see what life is like "across the pond".

My mom informed me that I hadn't written much, and she's correct. It's actually kind of a relief to be able to write something down and inform everyone as to how things are going. I'll just give a synopsis of the week.

In one week. Ben has gotten settled in, signed up for a class and figured out how to get there by the German transit system. He remarked on how punctual it was and efficient. I was glad to hear that. He skipped around from class to class until he found the perfect fit, complete with a guy from England that makes him laugh with his accent.

Ben's decorated room.

The 1st weekend was pretty uneventful, but on Monday, John played soccer and pulled his hamstring......again. Poor guy, he really wants to play, and it just isn't working out for him. There is suppose to be a tourney this month. We'll see if he can even make it. Ben and I went to watch him and then we took a walk to the local Quarry, just to come back and find John sitting outside our house for 40 minutes.

Tuesday or Wednesday I got locked out of the house for a couple of hours. Crazy thing about our doors is that, they lock automatically, couple that with the fact we only had two house keys and there was a little miscommunication between Ben and I....well, behold the results. We had a key made.

Most every night we were out with friends doing something. We went to the "Bunker" for pizza. We played a new game (for us) called Tripoly on Wednesday. John was so funny. He had never played poker in his life and he didn't understand what made points and what didn't. So he would "bet" and then say "does this count for anything?"

We did our usual house group thing. Ben wasn't into hanging out with couples. Thursday was a day off for Germans so we went to a Lake called St. Leon See. It was great! There were so many people there. They have this rope tow thing that pulls wake boarders around. We opted for an 1.5 hour beginner's course on windsurfing. I got fried.

Last night we went to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. I was a little nervous about taking Ben, because he, well, just isn't your cultured guy, but he liked it! It was "on base" and they did a really good job for such a small production. The 11 Brothers stole the show.

This is a picture of another performance, not the one we went to.

Tonight was a going away bbq. Our good friends Andrew and Ashleigh are "PCS-ing" back to the states. It's a very sad week. We had a lot in common with them. We love them! Well, anyway, making friends with American military personnel can be hard on the emotions.

That's all for now.

Oh, if anyone sees skin cancer on my back, let me know.


partyofsix said...

i have no idea what skin cancer looks like.

sound like germany is going well with your brother. - i would LOVE to have my brother stay with us for the summer.

i enjoyed your updated post. your life always amuses me.

i love you,


WILD GHESE said...

just kidding about the skin cancer, but not really. I never put sun block on. It's a bad habit.

Sarah Corbin said...

you always seem so busy and like you're having so much fun. Enjoy the bro!

WILD GHESE said...

I should really put a picture of him up here, but he hates pictures.