26 May 2007

Pancake Breakfast......aftermath.

We planned a pancake breakfast at our house, originally to get some help moving furniture. My brother is coming to stay for awhile, so we wanted to give him a little space, or us a little space....whatever.

However, last weekend John moved most of the furniture himself, so I invited more than just our house group and made a party out of it. We didn't have Ben's bed made yet, so we recruited for that. Thanks Alan Cole!

Attack of Aunt Jemima. I just hope I don't have blueberry stained counters.

It was a nice turn out. There were a few from the house group, a few from the military Bible study, and a few neighbors.

The kids were especially great. One little guy Nathaniel was running around with a trash can on his head. John said that Ariel (right, above) sat patiently asking him and Alan questions like "what's that?" and "what are you doing?" holding screws while they put the bed together. We played everything from "Simon Says" to war with Uno cards.....yeah, I made it up. Anything for a little distraction from biting eachother. ;)


partyofsix said...

sounds like fun sara, i wish we could have been at your pancake party.

Daniel said...

Looks like you had fun! Way to be a hostess! :D S

Genns said...

Hey Sara,
To answer your mint question - I'm not really sure ;) I went to the store to buy peppermint and they didn't have it. So I was just going to make mint tea myself - so I'm not sure if there is such a thing, or if this garden store just didn't have any. I 'm sure you wouldn't notice much of a difference anyway. Know what they did have though!? Chocolate mint - very interesting!

partyofsix said...

sara, i will pray for you guys, for your neighbors too. i really must be difficult especially for you with the language barrier.

love you,