14 May 2007

Last Trip for Awhile....I Promise

I'm really not wanting anyone to "stumble", when they stumble across this blog. ;) ;) This is just my life in a nutshell. Grab your kids and put 'em on your lap. There are a lot of animals.

We went camping this last weekend with our friends Will and Kristen in Switzerland. John and I had to go to Bern for a birthday party. Above is a picture of their 1 year old, Josiah, in their new 8 MAN TENT! They are adopting 2 boys from Ethiopia, AND they have another boy, Noah, on the way! John and I admire them very much.

They are soon to leave the military, and are aspiring to be missionaries.

The birthday party was in what was called "a Farmhouse" (pictured above). We took a tram thing up the mountain, and then walked about 20 minutes to the "Farmhouse". Sorry, I don't have any pictures of the birthday boy, duh. His wife is a Christian, from India. It was nice to be an encouragement to her, and enjoy GREAT food. We ended up going to an Indian restaurant for dinner afterwards, hooking them up with Will and Kristen.

The "Farmhouse" was a glorified petting zoo. There were so many animals there. I went crazy. I talked to all of the dogs there, and goats, and horses, and miniature ponies (they didn't talk back). The one miniature pony above would get so fidgety when the big horses were tied up to it's fence. It was funny to see. Also, there is a kind of furry cow there that needs little to no maintenance and has only existed for the last 15 years. Can we say "hybrid"?

We stayed two nights in a four star camp ground (don't ask). It's really not camping, but we humor John, since I only just introduced him to camping last summer. He loves it, as long as there is a shower and a toilet.

Anyways, it was the coolest thing. I've wanted a cat forever, but now I may not be able to have one for awhile. God sent one to me!!! All weekend we had a cat at our campsite. She/He even came in the tent. It was so funny with all of it's purring. The last day she came to say "goodbye", as seen above.

A coach drove right past our camping spot. That was interesting.

As the last thing on our list, we went on a little hike to a restaurant in the mountains and had lunch. The hike was in Grindenwald.


Sarah Corbin said...

Beautiful scenery as always, Sara. Ha! the camping scenario is one I've been through. . . my John thinks camping is staying in a Super 8. Maybe a camper. Maybe. But NO tents =) Glad you had fun!

partyofsix said...

beautiful! wow, what a nice little trip/birthday party. how fun!

Kelly Glupker said...

Okay, this is getting ridiculous! Is your life just one big vacation?!?! :)

WILD GHESE said...

no no no, I promise it's NOT. :)

these were weekend flings. It just so happens that we can drive to these places.

In fact, I have a boat load of responsibilities, really!! :) ha ha

Kara said...

You don't know me, but I "stumbled" onto your blog via Kelly G. I love your blog, I have 4 little ones at home and won't be going anywhere anytime soon, so THANK YOU for your beautiful pictures and your wonderful sense of humor. You make my day!

Scotty and Lisa said...

You've been tagged! Check out my blog...

Awesome pics