07 May 2007


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John and I went to the Netherlands. We left on Friday afternoon and planned to be back on Sunday. It was a five hour drive north. Originally we wanted to camp, but things changed once we got there.

We decided to visit a friend, who just had a baby girl, Katarina. She is an adorable, calm baby. She is also blessed to be part of a Christian home.

We finally got to the campground at 10:00. You'll never believe what happened. The reception worker, told us we were too late to set up our tent, "It would make too much noise." John tried to convince him 3 times, it wouldn't be too loud, but he was determined not to let us stay there, plus, he probably wasn't too impressed with us sneaking in behind another car through the gate. Oh well. We stayed in a Bed & Breakfast type place for relatively cheap. Mike and Nancy Strohm met up with us there, instead.

I found out how my Grandma, who is Dutch, developed her decorating skills. It is part of her linage. Everyone in Holland (almost everyone) has huge windows to show off their decorations. Driving down the street is like watching a movie. All the windows are wide open. Decor includes posh furniture, ornate frames holding flowery artwork, dark wooden furniture, marble, etc. These are pictures taken where we stayed.

For those that are a little confused as to what Keukenhof is. It is a garden that specializes in tulips, near Amsterdam, Holland. It is only open 6 weeks out of the year. Though it was like "pulling teeth" to coerce John to take me, he finally did.

We had a lot of fun. On Sunday the Strohms and I (John had had enough) went to see a bunch of windmills. I'll try to post those later. Nancy (whose blog is in the links) said, "If I had to choose between the windmills and Keukenhof, I would have chosen the windmills." So stayed tuned.


D and S said...

That's so awesome that you could just take a little drive and boom, be in the Netherlands! What beautiful pictures. WHat a funny camping story! So weird. I love the pic with your friends. It's just beautiful! Hope you're doing welL!

Megan said...

Ah, I never got to go there! Beautiful pictures. One of you is a great photographer.

Very nice.

Sarah Corbin said...

Whoa- I love that first picture (of you and John with the others in the background) Amazing! What an incredible trip. . . thanks for sharing for those of us too far away to experience it =)

WILD GHESE said...

John took some of the pictures (i.e. self portrait), and the little girl (I was embarrassed, but he LOVES kids). I told the mom if someone wants to pay for the picture, we'll let her know. He also took the picture of the canoe, and me in the shoe.
So, thanks! We enjoy it, but it was a pretty easy place to 'shoot'.

partyofsix said...

wow, that is so awesome sara

partyofsix said...

love that big yellow shoe