10 April 2007

While the Cat is away the Mouse will...

...Sand her back side off...and weed...and clean windows....oven.....need I say more? Probably not. The weekend came to an abrupt halt with the sound of sand paper. I assumed this spring stuff job three or so weeks ago and then it snowed!!

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Yesterday was beautiful and since I've adequately acquired my winter baggage, if you will, it was high time we got out a little on the bikes. I got to ride my new one after John put an initiating scratch on it by accident. Woops! It's officially ours. We rode downtown and went to the Rossi for breakfast (I know, defeats the purpose), rode down to the river and read a little, headed home via the ice cream shop ("uhh huh") and climbed the hill to our house. All told, we probably went about 20 kilometers or more. We were gone about 6 hours. My legs were on fire by the time we got home.

Today, however, duty called. I'm not one to stick to one thing, but I made myself finish the terrace, and rid it of the weeds. Meanwhile, I started cleaning the windows, sprayed the oven with cleaner, just to return to them later. Is anyone else like this? What am I? ADD or something? I seriously am a job hopper. They'll all get done eventually. Like school. It got done.....eventually.

There are some things that I can't wait on. Today, Lord willing, John is going to take me to get our wrought iron bench. I am super happy about that! We ordered it last week with bonus money. The other thing we ordered was an arm chair. Right now we have floor pillows and a couch, and if you count a stiff IKEA recliner thingy, we have that too. Here are the colors I chose.

Furniture takes about eight weeks to process and deliver when you buy from Breitwieser. Yikes! We better hurry up and buy Ben's bed before he comes. He is coming, if the Lord doesn't return, the end of May and staying for the whole summer. I still need to get my license, or John will be trucking us around everywhere. You might pray for both of these issues.

Also, this week the Military House group we are involved with is coming over to play some Ultimate frisbee and eat some pizza. Pray it's a good time of fellowship. I plan on inviting some German friends. Pray it goes well. We are interested in starting a group at home that maybe (someday) will turn into a home church, if the Lord allows. We love our German church, but we both speak English. John gets pretty discouraged. Since we aren't exactly missionaries (I know everyone can be) we would like a church in our own language. Then I think....well, we are in Germany. Just pray we follow God's leading.


partyofsix said...

who is ben? is that your brother? i was hoping jason and i could come this summer.

WILD GHESE said...

oh, you can!!!
yes, that is my bro.

There is still a futon for ya, that both of you can sleep on. and if a futon doesn't appeal to you, you can add our camping mats.

partyofsix said...

ok, well, we sould seriously look into going... any idea of when tickets would be cheapest?


WILD GHESE said...

Indian Airlines is pretty cheap, don't know if they fly into Minnis.

Otherwise, with most airlines, closer to the date is better (according to my mom, and she has bought lots of tickets).

:) I should really just write you another e-mail. :)