14 April 2007

Pictures Red and Blue

I know it's barely been a year since we've had wedding pictures, but it was requested of us that we get some pictures taken. We finally got them yesterday. I was happy to do it, because in my wedding pictures I had a huge stomach. So here are the pictures we took. Dads, Moms, Sisters, Brothers, Grandma and Grandpas, we have your pictures picked out. I'll try to remember which ones go where. Hope you like our choices. The above one, we ordered for ourselves.

This is either for Dad and Mom McGhie or Grandpa and Grandma Chew.

This one too, you'll have to choose which one or ones, as the case may be, you want.

This one goes to Joji, Jenny and Jessy (John's brothers and sisters).

This one is for Dad and Mum John.

These last two are really small, but I thought that they could go to Grandpa Roland. As you know, pictures are expensive, so we didn't get a whole lot. If you want another one, place your orders. :) Otherwise I will send them out.

Also, I'm not sure if Uncle Ron and Aunt Bonnie want one, Dad. Wow, this is so easy via blogging.


partyofsix said...

those pictures turned out really nice sara. you guys are an awesome couple.

love you,


Daniel said...

Sara, Your hair looks great and so does that red dress! Woohoo! Your terrace looks quite beautiful too. Great work! I just planted my flower garden today, but that's about all I did. No oven cleaning, windows or anything else!:)

WILD GHESE said...

well, you also have 3 kiddos. I think maybe I would have planted 1 flower, if I had those same circumstances. :)

the red dress was suppose to be worn off the shoulder and down to show enough cleavage to make your Grandmother blush, but I optioned out of that option. I'm glad it doesn't look stupid.

Christine Cummings said...

What beautiful pictures!