02 April 2007

My Boy's Birthday!

It's my baby's birthday, he just turned 73, I mean, 37.

I'm living pretty uneventful days, as of late, but still busy. I've been thinking about and praying over being the prayer leader at the Ladies Bible Study that I attend. If I accept the position, I get to go on a retreat, but I have to leave my birthday boy for a whole weekend!!!!! That is a first. Last week John was in a kickerball tournament. I had never heard of such a thing, and I certainly never heard of anyone being a professional at it (John's team partner is). To me, it's always been something you do during "free time" with kids at Camp Ironwood. Another "happening" in our boring lives are the concerts we try to attend, David Qualey was last month, and tomorrow we get to hear a choir sing Brahms pieces. We're gonna try to stretch out this birthday weekend as long as we can!

John's team was actually called K and V, after their old work place, but I like to refer to them as the "Shiny Brothers", John calls his team "Salt and Peppa". They came in 3rd place. I was proud of them. It took five hours to get into that position!

Yesterday we went to Buehl, near the Black Forest, and saw, for the first time, our friend's baby girl, Smilla. Dominik and Jenny are proud parents. We had a great meal and went for a walk in the forest. John and I wore the wrong shoes, because we came straight from church. The funniest thing was watching Leon, their dog, balance a record breaking fence post to play fetch with. We wished we had had our cameras ready. We treaded through snow and small lakes, all the while, Smilla slept in her pram. The only time she let us know she was there was when we stopped.

John says today is like any other day, but I know that it's not! I made our favorite breakfast, banana oatmeal pancakes and John opened his 2nd present from me. It's called "Settlers", I believe, in English. It's like the German Farmer's version of "Risk". It's a lot of fun. Tonight we're FINALLY going to go to this Sushi restaurant, Lord willing, John has been promising to go to and then, hopefully, have Lemon Meringue pie afterwards.

I sent a mail out on Friday, I think that I somehow gave the impression that John's birthday was then, but it's TODAY. He really appreciated all of the comments on his blog. I didn't tell him that I wrote anyone (he figured it out). He was so cute "Sara, my cousin wrote on my blog! and so did Megan!" So, thanks guys. You're the best. You've helped make this weekend grand for my special man.


Kelly Glupker said...

Is your husband seriously 37? I NEVER would have guessed that! How come I'm not aging that well? :) Happy Birthday to your hubby!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sara! John, you don't know me, but I wish you a Happy 37th Birthday! May God bless you with many more years to come.

Deb paul

partyofsix said...

wow, "kicker ball"!!! that is so funny! pretty impressive that he plays with a professional.

i love you sara!


Scotty and Lisa said...

Um- can I tell you how wierd it is that we don't know you guys but have lots in common? Banana oatmeal pancakes sound fantabulous (we are huge breakfast people), Scotty's birthday was on the 3rd, and we are Settlers fanatics! So, one day we shall meet. Glad to hear the birthday weekend was fun!

Sarah Corbin said...

Happy 37th, John! Way to stretch out that birthday weekend, guys. . . sounds like a great time. Wow, I haven't heard "pram" in a LONG time! You're practically becoming German, I can tell the difference in your writing (what a blessing how God helps us grow and adapt to His Will for us) I'm so happy for y'all (and yes, John, you are aging wonderfully =)

WILD GHESE said...

oh no!!! I'm talking like a German!!!! Just kidding. :) Between Pensacola accent, seasoned with yupper WI, Cali drawl, and German phrasiology (ok, not a word), I should be good and messed up.

I figure John and I look the same age now, so from here on out I'll probably be looking older. That bites.

WILD GHESE said...

Scotty and Lisa, I've already decided, Lord willing, we shall meet!