24 April 2007


Remember when I told you I had two more pictures to show you that were taken in India? Let me back up. I really wanted two particular pictures that I thought were unique about India. I waited and I waited for the chance to take them and it just didn't happen. Finally, it was close to our last day there, and our friend Steve (who was in the wedding) came to visit us in Kochin. While we were out and about we got to take BOTH of them. Well, Steve took his sweet time sending them to me :), but, at long last, here they are!!!!

Can you imagine this going through the drive-through? Maybe his ears would make a good cup holder?

Yep, whole family on a bike, and the traffic isn't exactly safe, either. This would scare me every time I saw it. One time I even saw and lady sitting side saddle with an infant. Yikes!!!!! Cute though.


partyofsix said...

yikes... those are cool pictures though.

Christine Cummings said...


Sarah Corbin said...

Those are AWESOME--hey, maybe riding on an elephant would help me be more decisive in the drive-through