21 March 2007

This One is for Grandma!!

I didn't think I would post for awhile, but this definitely calls for a post-age (no pun intended). Some of you read the last glob, I mean, blog and heard/tell Sara made a carrot cake for the anniversary. If you noticed the cake was really small. The other half of the cake serves two purposes.

One is to kill time decorating it, while the hubby plays Badminton, and the other is to impress my GRANDMA!!! For those of you out of the loop, Grandma and I love this sort of crafty stuff. Though I'm not so involved as she is, whereas I don't meet with friends on a weekly basis and invent pretty things to look at. How's Crafts Tuesday, Grandma?

Anyways, I thought I would share. My Grandparents like to go over to my parent's house every once in awhile, view the blog, and see what Sara is up to. How are things goin' Grandpa? Are you stayin' out of trouble? :)

I am super excited for another reason. The last time I decorated a cake, it was a cake of Bart Simpson for my bro's birthday. Whew! that was a long time ago! Even though this wasn't the most fabulous job (it's a little gaudy), I'm sure it will taste fine tomorrow at the Bible study. We are studying Philippians, hence, "Rejoice!!!"

(I did add the dot over the "j")


Megan said...

Beautiful cake! Looks great. I bet you had fun decorating it.

smash said...

umm...You are officially the most talented person ever. That cake is so awesome. I did a Curious George Cake for Micah's birthday last year- and it was just barely recognizable.
:) Ashley Gross www.bgash.info

WILD GHESE said...

yeah t'was fun, but not something I'd take up a career in.
it would have been a good time to use the basket weave, but lo, I'm not talented enough for that.

Ashley, I'm sure Curious George came out beautifully.

Katrina said...

Wow, I am impressed by your cake decorating skills. Well done. I keep thinking about you guys and thinking I should e-mail you. I had such a great time at dinner. I love reading about what is going on your lives. God bless.

partyofsix said...

sara you are great! at least you attempt cakes. i made them for marco and tonio back in the day, but poor kalynn and anna had to suffer with store made cakes. poor girls.

miss you,