27 March 2007

One Year in Germany

I'm pretty sure I've been here for exactly a year today, or at least our flight left, a year ago today. Though my first impressions of Germany actually started in January, as I helped John move into our apartment, they were a little more pungent upon our arrival. We stood in the rain and waited, after a long flight, for our taxi that was "suppose to come". My annoyance at the culture here has reemerged more than once since that day, however, I made it home that evening, and though the road has been rough a few times, I have still, always, "made it home".

10 things I love about Germany

1. My husband is here. He has a good job with opportunities to witness. The other day he spent a whole hour witnessing to an Atheist, who was a willing party.

2. We have a wonderful apartment with a convenient distance both from Heidleberg (where the U.S. military has a base), the airport, and John's work. It also has a great view.

3. We are attending a church, not too far away, where I've been able to be involved in a small way, given the language barrier. John and I clean once in awhile, and I am involved with the choir (yes, in German).

4. I appreciate the new friends that I've been able to make, and might not have otherwise made. We have befriended a military couples group and the couples in it, Mike and Nancy are new friends from the states we met through Kimberly, and John's friends that he met before he met me, are all very nice.

5. Germans say it "like it is". That means that what may come out of their mouth might be alarmingly frank, but if you think about it, there is no wondering "What do they think of me?", or "How did they take that?", or "Maybe if I hadn't said that.....?" Whatever is there, is on the table. Germans won't leave you guessing, even if you think what they are saying is kind of rude.

6. I appreciate the food. Germans are very health conscious. Almost everything is fresh with no preservatives. For example if you go and buy a loaf of bread, you had better eat it that day, or it will be solid as a rock tomorrow.

7. It is beautiful here. That's all there is to it. There is a forest in our backyard, and not far to go to reach old architecture and history. We can visit countries like Italy, Spain, and Austria in a car!

8. The transit system is everywhere, you can go practically everywhere, short of trans-Atlantic on a train, or bus.......punctually.

9. I like the opportunity to write down another event in my life as being significant. Not everyone can say that they've lived in another country for a year. I praise the Lord for the opportunity.


There are many more things that I love about Germany, yet, I know there will be days when I have to look over this list again. :) Tonight we have to talk to a guy about getting a German license. I am not looking forward to the paperwork, the government definitely has an unhealthy fixation with documentation. Oh brother.

Here is a music clip of something that is truly enjoyable about Germany. There is always something going on.

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Kelli said...

What a BEAUTIFUL country you live in! What a unique opportunity to live in another country and be so close to so many amazing things and places. I am glad the Lord brought you friends and for blessing you with so many other things. Thanks for sharing! Good luck with the German License.

partyofsix said...

dear sara,

germany does look so beautiful!

sounds like a lot of reasons to like germany. i heard they are very health conscious but they smoke a lot...

oh well.

love you so much,


Jerry said...

Hey Sara and Jon - congrats on one year and the fantastic opportunities our Awesome God allows each of us to proclaim His Name wherever we are. Cheryl and I rejoice over your love for each other and for your Savior.
In His service,
Jerry & Cheryl Hairgrove

Scotty and Lisa said...

Congrats on the first year! I miss trees... Hey, so I just discovered your blog and I decided we would be friends if we knew each other. :) I'm totally with you on the cultural frustrations! But, God is good to give us the chance to experience life in another country.


WILD GHESE said...

or Pastor, right?

I miss you guys.

I definitely think that we WOULD be friends. I did tell you that I loved the Napoleon dodge ball team, right? I have to have John look at that. He LOVES that movie!! When we were "dating", if you can call it that, we watched it, and John was rolling on the floor. I was laughing more at him than the movie.

God is good, I think I'll definitely be able to look back on this time in my life and say, "hey, God did great things there."

Anonymous said...

Wow! That kind of reminds me of our time in Paris...remember the celloist in the metro and that funky polka band? Hey let's go again soon? Love ya' Sara!

Deb Paul

P.S. How far are you guys from Strasbourg, France?