18 March 2007

Anniversary Celebration Results (Rated G)

Well, the room wasn't that great, we ate a Pizza Hut on Friday, and we watched Godzilla on the T.V. in German, but WE HAD FUN!!! Or I should say, I had more fun planning the whole thing.

We found out that we were actually paying for the location, not the room, per say. The hotel is right smack in the middle of downtown, which is great, but our room size left little to be desired. Apparently you can bring your dog, if you want to. I wouldn't have wanted Fido in that little cracker box with us, if I owned a Fido.

Here's the view from where we were. It was nice that we were all the way on the top. At least John and I can say that we've stayed there, and not recommend it.
One of the huge highlights of the weekend is that we reserved a bike for me as soon as the bonus comes in. It's beautiful. While we were in the bike shop, which happens to be the grandparent's old house of the owner, I kept telling John "she's cute" (referring to my bike). John kept thinking I was talking about the lady helping us, who was standing right there, so I had to tell the nice lady that she was cute too, but I was referring to the bike.

We kept the whole weekend to ourselves. Usually we are out doing at least one thing with someone, but not this weekend. We got to talk about the past year and our expectations for the coming year. We decided that, after a year of getting to know each other, we are looking for the ministry that God has, especially for us. Our role models are Priscilla and Aquilla. They did everything together. Even ministry can pull you apart. I know that I have a Ladies Bible Study, and Ladies breakfast, choir practice, and other activities that don't involve John at all. I don't think that's good. It's real subtle, but I'm gettin' it. John first, after God, then the rest of the world.

John made tuna steaks and a relish that he wasn't happy with, but that I "relished" (ha ha). If you want to watch another Chef John video, here it is.

I just wanted to say, if you've seen the movie Radio. You know the plates the coach and family were using (probably not)? Yeah, those are my plates (same dish set). My husband noticed that!! I really like that movie, BTW, for more reasons than just the good taste for dishware.

We finished our anniversary weekend with the reading of our marriage counseling book from Ironwood, reading of the "Hopes and Prayers" left for us on our wedding day a year ago, and the discussion of delegating one evening a week (Sunday night) where we just focus on our relationship. John had the idea of listening to some sermons that he has got on his computer. This is a big deal cause they're in English. :)

One of my favorites from the little H and P cards was this, and I quote "Keep Listening."

Hows about a recipe for some "Step Back" Chili Hot Chocolate by my friend Yvonne Le'tule Kern? We made it this weekend too.

Here's what you need-

8 squares of your favorite dark chocolate bar
Milk (of course)
1 vanilla bean (with seeds stripped that are in it, and the shell itself)
5 or so cloves
1 cinnamon stick
1/4 teaspoon grated chili (that's right, the dried hot things that you usually find in Mexican food)
sugar to taste

Put it all in a sauce pan, let it get hot and serve it (with a strainer). It's loads of fun goodness.


Kelli said...

Happy Anniversary! Wow, time sure does fly, doesn't it! I am glad that you were able to have a nice weekend away, even if your room wasn't exactly what you were expecting. It is so nice to get away and just be the two of you. That was neat that you were able to set that time aside and discuss what was important for your marriage. I am excited that you get a cute bike! Hmmm...not too sure about that hot chocolate!!

WILD GHESE said...

it's great. I promise. At least try a little chili. it gives it just the slightest kick and it's good!

partyofsix said...

ok martha stewart! seriously sara! wow, so beautiful!

WILD GHESE said...

okay, are you referring to the cake? if you had seen it closer, you would have thought, "did she learn this in pre-school?"-not good.

sometimes I just love photography.

Sarah Corbin said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! I have such good memories of talking with you, Sara, about "our" Johns. That is so wonderful that you're making your relationship a high priority now . . . that 'togetherness' is priceless and will last a lifetime. Hope the Lord shows you soon where you can serve together!
Your cute bike story was hilarious! (The salesgirl was so disappointed to find out you were talking about the bike!!!!)